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Welding and Fabrication Services

At Tyce Customs, we have over 15 years experience working with custom projects. The services below are just a few examples of how we can help you. We know each project and custom-build has its challenges. At Tyce Customs, our goal is to make sure your goals are met!

Cutting and Welding

There are many different types of metals and materials used on fabrication projects. Tyce Customs is very familiar with most available materials and can ensure the proper technique of welding or cutting is used on your project. Let us know how we can help you.


There are many different ways to cut metal. Bandsaws allow the fabricator to cut larger pieces of metal at lower temperatures. If your project is using aluminum or another heat sensitive alloy, it is best to use a bandsaw. Bandsaws can also reduce the amount of wasted of material when cutting.


At Tyce Customs we offer general duty lathe services for general machining projects, or turning of parts. Many parts on different projects wear down over time. With our lathe work we can restore those parts or build/invent a new part for your custom project.

Plasma and Torch Cutting

Some projects require special cutting torches to cut through thicker metals. Tyce Customs is equipped with cutting torches that can work with any material needed for a project, including thicker steel or cast iron surfaces. However, most fabrication projects require the use of a plasma cutter. Plasma cutters are more precise than cutting torches and offer more flexibility on difficult projects. For a cleaner job with less wasted material, a plasma cutter is recommended.

Finishing Abrasives

With any project you want the finished product to look perfect. No one likes oxidation, rust, or welding splatter. At Tyce Customs we offer finishing abrasive services to smooth out welds, strip paint down to the metal, and polish your surfaces until they look better than new.

Research and Development

Do you have a unique take on a project? Do you want to make sure the geometry of your low-rider or long-travel truck is safe and well constructed? We are happy to inspect your plans, or check the design of your custom project. Many true custom projects introduce mechanical and structural obstacles that Tyce Customs is happy to help you resolve.

Test and Tune

At Tyce Customs we see projects all the way to the end. Once a fabrication project is completed, it’s time to fine tune it. We also are happy to fine tune projects completed by other parties.

If you have a project that requires any of the services listed above please consider working with us. We are ready to help you get started and finish your custom project.